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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 116: ISIS the Sun, and Ebola Up My Eyes

EP116All of the hard-hitting journalism you expect from a group of “little podcast boys”. We offer spoilers for Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire; and bring back the classic “Dan Explains #Supernatural Tweets from Girls on Twitter!” We cover the latest news, discuss the problems with #Gamergate, and discover that Dave can’t hold his pee for a full episode!


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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 88: How I Met Your Walking Dead

The finales of the Walking Dead and How I Met Your Mother are upon us, as well as issues like #CancelColbert, Ninja Turtles, and the ever-important and significant Kids Choice Awards. You chose to listen, and we chose to give you a healthy dose of FUCK YEAH! #CancelGrow


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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 86 “Madonna Madness!”

It’s time for March Madness and Charlie Lightning’s got everyone to fill out a bracket. Only time will tell as the NCAA series goes forward. In this episode, we talk about Walking Dead, Comics, Recent Movies and Games as well as which one of us would sleep with Madonna. We play Jose-Can-Say-So and the Rotten Tomatoes game! Enjoy!



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Talking Nerdy, Episode 85: Where in the World in Carlos Lightning?

In this episode we discuss the feminist debate over Barbie dolls, create solutions for bullying, listen to Bill O’Reilly bitch about Beyonce and Chelsea Handler shut out Piers Morgan. It’s an action-packed episode that will have the world asking: Where in the World is Charlie Lightning?


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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 84: 50 Ways to Leave Your Penis

In this week’s episode we go over our Oscar Winners once more and one of us gets to spin the Wheel of Pain to discover what their punishment will be. We talk about the new GTA Online expansion, Walking Dead’s slow burn, and the new comic book releases of the week!


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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 83.5 “Alex and Charlie Do The Oscars”

In this special half episode of Talking Nerdy, Alex Gross and Charlie Lightning have an intimate Oscar Party, go crazy with Tweets, and talk drunk and nerdy about the Academy Awards. Charlie Lightning challenges Alex in past Oscar Winners, and we reveal the winners and losers on our Oscar bets!


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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 83: King Cake Baby Goes to the Oscars!

In this week’s episode, we reveal the new mascot for New Orleans: the terrifying King Cake Baby. We also place our sensible Oscar bets, talk new comic releases, and play some games! It’s the return of America’s Favorite: Jose Can-Say-So and our new social experiment: Dan Explains #Supernatural Tweets from FanGirls. Not a moment is wasted in today’s long episode–ENJOY!


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Talking Nerdy Episode 73: Shit Wonder Woman Says

In this week’s episode, we say goodbye to Paul Walker and discuss the brand new revelations regarding the Man of Steel sequel and Amazing Spider-man franchise. We play “Who Twote That Tweet?”, “Real or Jabroni?”, and discuss practical changes that need to be made in public restrooms.


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Talking Nerdy Episode 72: The DOC Holiday Special

We celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who and discuss the evolution of nerd culture. Walking Dead gears up for a gritty mid-season finale and Thanksgiving gears up for a drunk clusterfuck of embarrassment! It’s a lot of fun this episode, with no sports but two games: Who Twote That Tweet and Iron Sheik Real or Jabroni! This extra-long, extra-special episode is dressed to impress!


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Talking Nerdy Episode 71: Guns, Tweets and Jabronis

After a bit of confusion about whether or not NYC is colder than Philadelphia, we get into Video Game VS Real Life Violence, Undersexed Americans, Walking Dead and more! We also play a round of “WHO TWOTE THAT TWEET?” and “REAL or JABRONI”!


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