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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 147: Cock Merchants of Ice and Fire


We discuss the geek heat over this week’s violent episode of Game of Thrones and Simon Pegg’s interview telling nerds that it’s time to act like adults. The boys have another unsuccessful softball game, and Supernatural comes to a heart-pounding close. We announce our #HASHTAGorDIE winners from this week and wrap it all up with a “Yuck!” edition of Jose Can Say So!


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CONGRATULATIONS to our #HASHTAGorDIE #MuseumSchmovies Winners!


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Talking Nerdy Episode 67: Highway Wheelchair

The government may be shut down, but Talking Nerdy is in full swing! Today, we find out why Dan is a horrible person, keep up with the boys in Grand Theft Auto Online, and tread lightly on the topic of rape. Also, Richard Harrow stops by briefly to talk about Boardwalk Empire.


Download HERE or on iTUNES!!

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The War on Comedy, part II

I bet you’re wondering where part one can be found. The answer is that it can’t. I’ve decided to call this “Part 2” because part one exists all across the web. One comedian “goes too far” and one topic is no longer acceptable to make light of. If we can’t laugh at horrible and offensive things, we just become dead, boring, melancholy, hateful people.

If we can’t make jokes about the things that hurt us the most, we would be in our rooms in tears every moment of every day. 9/11 weakened this country in every conceivable way. But we were able to make jokes—horrible, tasteless, unoriginal, filthy, offensive jokes—but we laughed and we were able to cope.

Rape is now the hot-button issue because of a flippant remark made by comedian Daniel Tosh. Subsequently, the fine people of Center City Comedy, It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia, and myself released a video you may or may not have seen. Not intended to take advantage of the debate, entirely (honestly) by coincidental timing:


And then, released an article in response to a hateful and vindictive blogger:


(Which, I imagine you could consider part one of this soap-box speech)

While the outrage seems to be settling around Tosh, it hits home for us. I’ve been trying to make a name for myself in this business for years…and it hurts that people react this way. What hurts more is that people give any credence to some inane and illiterate blogger who only feels the need to cause pain.

I could be just as flippant about the negativity and the haters. I could retort in ways that are mean, spiteful and derogatory, but I don’t want to…except towards one person in particular. I don’t want to hurt people who have already been hurt or offended. I don’t want to hurt people–period. But if my sense of humor or style offends, I can’t control that. That’s who I am, and you are who you are. You probably won’t change, and I almost certainly will stay who I am as well.

I especially want to thank those involved with this project, and those who stand strong in support of comedy and the artist’s right to freedom.

Thanks guys (and especially gals)!


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Who the Fuck is StaphMeal and Why Am I Reading His Cretinous Blog?

I honestly asked myself this question. It’s Friday afternoon, I’m sitting around doing nothing–wondering how the remainder of my day will play out, and then suddenly “magic” happens. A friend forwards me a blog called StaphMeal. More specifically, an article regarding a recent video shot and edited by myself, written by my friends at Center City Comedy and It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia, and starring some of the funniest people in the Philly comedy scene.

Before I go any further, I would like to state for the record that I’m nobody. My website gets a fair amount of hits, as do my videos, but I’m nowhere near as “significant” or written about as StaphMeal (aka Joshua Scott Albert). If you’re following me on Twitter (@SuperDPS) or you’re friends with me on Facebook, you’ll know where I stand on most issues, and we may disagree on some things, and I’ve (on occasion) stirred the proverbial pot, whether accidentally or knowingly, but I am–comparatively speaking–No one. Whew–now that that’s out of the way–who the fuck is StaphMeal and why am I reading his cretinous blog?!

It all started with this video, released on Thursday morning by myself, Center City Comedy, and It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia.

The only credit I can claim on this sketch would be as a videographer and editor, but I feel that it came together well. Others may disagree. The joke here (if you “get it”) is not that a woman is being raped. It’s that it should be shocking and disgusting. It’s the iconic music and the levity of the parody–the wholesome nature of the Mentos commercials–that creates the humor, not the drugging of a woman’s drink.

Of course, this video falls on the heels of remarks made by Comedian Daniel Tosh towards a heckling audience member at the Laugh Factory. If I need to explain my feelings to you on this matter, then you haven’t been paying close enough attention to what I’ve been saying. “Rape is never funny” is like saying “Suicide is never funny” or “Racism is never funny.” All three of these things are harmful and destructive, yet important topics that should be discussed regarding their use in media; but “Never Funny?”

Saying something is “Never Funny” is just as bad as saying something is “Always Funny” (no disrespect to my colleagues at It’s Always Funny in Philly). Some jokes will make people laugh and some will either be unfunny, poorly received, or outright mean. It’s the audience’s place to either be offended or be jovial. That responsibility shouldn’t fall on the comedian’s shoulders. If you thought the video was too much, or offensive, fine. You have a right as a human to be offended. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t reserve the right to offend you.

Enough about that, let’s get back into StaphMeal‘s poorly executed attack on us. While myself and It’s Always Funny weren’t specifically mentioned (EDIT: While writing this blog post, StaphMeal sent me a threat via Twitter. Egg and my face are in alignment), Center City Comedy (one of–if not, the best–free comedy open mic in the city) took the brunt of the merciless rant.

As a fellow blogger who has written some pretty needlessly scathing articles in his past, I can’t help but feel some vague sense of kinship with the young man and his desire to have his negative voice heard by the huddled masses. I can not, however, as a fan of both the English language and Comedy, allow this idiocy to go unpunished.

I don’t know Joshua Albert, nor do I care to. I don’t wish him any specific harm or trouble in life. I think he’s harmless, if only a little fucking catty about shit he doesn’t like, and ultimately forgettable.

His “blog”–however–is a mere year old, and written in a manner consistent with its age. I think it would be in my best interest to share the content with you here, rather than link to it.

Local Fucktards Of A Comedy Group Want’s To Date Rape You,

A tipster who was highly offended alerted me to this absurd youtube video. The name of the comedy group is “center city comedy”. Which to me is a pretty shitty name and sounds like they just want to improve their google search results. These guys are pathetic, really fucking pathetic….and they should die.

This video is classless, tasteless, and I hope these guys get the shit beat out of them and anal raped.  They play a show every Thursday night at ravens lounge. Go yell at them, throw shit at them, shit in their face, but please please please watch your drinks!

On a different note: Hey Asian American girl in the video, HOLLLAAAAAAA

I understand that typing is hard. It’s a man’s game. I get it. But calling for the rape and death of fellow writers and performers just so you can mount your high horse is more than a little extreme. Mr. Albert (who recently went public with his actual identity for legal reasons) is a tactless and intellectually dishonest writer devoid of any artistic or personal credibility. This vicious and malicious attack, while ultimately shrug-worthy and forgettable is–at its heart–tasteless, mean, and contradictory. And to end with a shameless pick-up line to the “Asian American girl” (Comedian Lisa Yost) who has been supportive of this work since the beginning? Who the fuck are you, dude?

Again, I say that I am nobody. A blogger, a writer, a film maker, a host, an artist, a producer and director; but ultimately, nobody of note, fame, or consequence. But that said, I would rather be a nobody–with my few fans, friends and supporters–dignity and self respect in tact, than a bitter hack shouting into a megaphone to anyone dumb enough to listen.


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Comedian John Nunn comments on the Daniel Tosh story and the week’s comedy debate. #SupportTosh

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July 13, 2012 · 10:55 am

There’s a lot of talk amongst comedians and “normals” about Daniel Tosh and his actions this week. We put together this video before the shit-storm and we think it works well. Watch and decide (and hopefully laugh). #SupportTosh

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July 13, 2012 · 10:43 am