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Part Five of SuperDPS.com’s interview with Adult film and web star, Amber Chase! Check it out! Filmed by Amber Chase, Edited by Alex Gross.

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April 22, 2012 · 7:25 pm

Part Four of SuperDPS.com’s interview with Adult film and web star, Amber Chase! Check it out! Filmed by Amber Chase, Edited by Alex Gross.

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April 22, 2012 · 7:24 pm

Part three of SuperDPS.com’s interview with Adult film and web star, Amber Chase! Check it out! Filmed by Amber Chase, Edited by Alex Gross.



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April 22, 2012 · 7:22 pm

Video Life Lessons interview with pornstar @AmberChase for SuperDPS.com—part 2

Filmed by Amber Chase

Edited by Alex Gross



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April 22, 2012 · 3:01 am

Life Lessons from Porn Star Kenzie Karter

I’m a really laid back and happy person. I like to keep drama out of my life and just enjoy my life.

I have such an eclectic range of music taste. I love country with a passion and currently cannot get enough of The Band Perry. As far as getting ready for performances, I prefer to listen to Kid Cudi…he’s amazing.

The first thing I (ever) bought was this beautiful evening gown in High School that I used in a pageant. I saved up for months and it cost me $450. I also won, so I guess it was worth it!

Kenzie Karter--@KenzieKarterXXX--@OCmodeling

I always wanted to be an adult entertainer. I saw the movie Naked Ambition: An R Rated Look at an X-rated Industry and fell in love, and knew I wanted to pursue it. I really admire Tera Patrick and Jenna Haze. I love how they extended their careers by approaching the directing side as well. As far as performers, I also admire Sunny Lane and Alexis Texas.

We are a rather small tight knit group. We don’t judge. You can be your complete self in this industry and be respected. A lot of the girls are super nice and willing to help you or answer questions.

Honestly, I was never grounded or in trouble in my life. I never had a demerit or a detention, and won the “Goody Goody” award my senior year in High School. I think the only thing my mom had to yell at me about was falling asleep while talking on the phone, causing the phone to be off the hook all night.

I look forward to continuing to build my name and my brand and to having success and happiness.

I think I stand out due to my work ethic, my drive and ambition. I really strive to be professional and treat this as a business. I think the girls who make it start out from day one with a proper business sense. I know the brand I want to create and I am willing to work hard for it.

I hate rude people. I hate drama. Any combination of those ruins my mood.

Don’t be afraid to say “no” and to surround yourself with people who have the same goal as yourself. Do not be afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings and look out for yourself as a top priority.

A man should never hit or threaten a woman. It’s unattractive and way too prevalent.

If God is watching us, the least we can do is be entertaining.

(Interview by Alex Gross@SuperDPS)

for more from Kenzie Karter, visit her on Twitter at @KenzieKarterXXX)

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Life Lessons from one of Philly’s best: PATE! @SpaceHighPate If you haven’t read it, check it out!!#complex #pate

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March 21, 2012 · 3:09 am

“I actually looked at (the porn industry) in a positive way, I could make a lot of money, save it, and use my fame to make a difference for animals. Plus I missed the sex on camera.” (Continue Reading…)

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March 19, 2012 · 6:58 pm

Life Lessons from Porn Star Maya Hills

Maya Hills--@MayaHillsxxx--iimxxx.com

I was born in West Siberia, Russia. I’m part Native, so that’s why I can pass as an Asian for movies.

I moved to Florida when I was 7 years old. When I was a kid, I was super good. As soon as I turned 14, I was just a terrible teen; so bad that my mom sent me back to Russia to live my relatives. I moved to Russia for 8 months at 15. I turned 16 in Spain and lived there for a few months, then moved to Australia for 8 months. I came back to Florida at 17. After those hurricanes hit, I came back to help my mom rebuild her Florida home and then got my GED and started college…and then porn came in.

I started college in Florida at 17, I came into porn at 18, and I left after 5 months. I got my license and worked in loans in West Palm Beach for a few months and totally hated it, so I came to visit a friend in L.A. I decided to stay, and fell back into porn again. I’m graduating with my associates degree in Liberal Arts from an L.A. community college this June.

I left the (porn) business in November 2008. I changed my email, my phone number, and moved to the valley from downtown L.A. I just got so tired of being who I was. I partied way to much and I wanted to understand who I was. I wanted to go back to college and have a family. I did all that.

I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter. She makes me believe in miracles. She is my co-pilot.

I actually love being a single mom. I’m very simple.

MayasAngels.org is very special to me. I want to make a difference for animals. I love my animals and call them my kids all the time. This is an organization to 100% to help cats and dogs with food, shelter and medication needs. I believe only in rescue and adoption, I don’t believe in buying or selling animals for hundreds of dollar. This creates a supply and demand; and puppy mills and breeders try to make money off of them. This saddens me so much because certain people buy a dog for $800…then the dog grows up, the person gets bored and doesn’t want it anymore, and gives it up. This dog ends up in a shelter, hoping and waiting for a home.

I have 7 dogs, 3 cats and 2 birds. All are rescued, and 2 of my dogs are deaf. I adore my animals and I create, and make, time for them. I wake up earlier to clean and play with them before school and work. I moved into a house with a larger yard and all hard-wood flooring, and I stay in the area so I can pop in during the day every few hours so they can go outside and see me. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s so rewarding to have them all in my life. What I’m planning on doing is buying land in the valley and building my home, and putting up a manufactured home for the rescues that will be up for adoption. This is for the future. MayasAngels.org funds will then be used for the animals in my home that are up for adoption for proper loving homes. I also want to have a cow, horse and a couple dozens of chickens. Yeah, I know I’m crazy but I’m aware of it. (laughs)

We all have our regrets, but one thing is: I chose the worst man to have a baby with. I have the most amazing daughter in the world. I try my best to play both roles.

When I got pregnant–and during the pregnancy–I grew more and more. I was the type who never drank caffeine, and never tanned or dyed my hair. I avoided all stress when I was pregnant because I wanted so badly for a healthy child. On December 19, 2009 I gave birth and more changed. I became a mother and my life changed. I breast-fed her the first year–only breast milk–that’s why I had my breasts done in August. I finally understood myself at 21, but at 22, when I gave birth, I felt like I was found and could never get lost again.

My number #1 job is to be the best mom. #2: Save lives and make a difference. #3: My on camera performance.

Maya Hills is an image, but I care about pleasing my fans and directors.

Men come and go. Never alter yourself to please a man.

Wherever my daughter is, that is home for me. No matter what happens, my daughter and my animals will always be with me–and that is where home is.

I love cooking, cleaning, hanging out with my kid. She loves all her animals, she calls all of them “baby” or “bebe.” She’s learning English, Spanish and Russian so she mixes all the words together. Sometimes, I have no idea what she’s saying.

I really enjoyed my time off, I needed those 3 years to learn about being a mom, breast-feeding and being there for her 24-7.

I came back into the industry November 2011.

Save your money–but remember you can’t take every booking, so it’s OK to say no.

I’m always playing hip-hop and rap in my car.

I’m working on my book now. As for (my) clothing line, it will be for children and dogs.

I love humor, and real people, and men who are actually smart and know how to carry on a conversation.

(A real man should never) take or use a female’s money. Get a fucking job.

I actually looked at (the porn industry) in a positive way, I could make a lot of money, save it, and use my fame to make a difference for animals. Plus I missed the sex on camera.

(interview by Alex Gross@SuperDPS)

For more from Maya Hills, visit her website, Twitter, and animal charity: MayasAngels.org


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Life Lessons from Porn Star Tinslee Reagan

Tinslee Reagan–@Tinsleexoxo

I started in about August, I was a dancer and was asked to be in Exotic magazine. After my first shoot I wanted to do more. I’ve always wanted to do porn, be in magazines, and have always loved audiences and being on camera. I moved to California and started off on Model Mayhem to build up confidence and experience. I started meeting people, looking for the right agency. I flew to LA and met with Jim South and am now working with World Modeling.

When I was little kid I used to steal my mom’s camera and her lingerie…I used to also get caught on sex chat rooms. I was like 8… (laughs)

Luckily, I’ve always been naturally good on camera, so I’ve had all good experiences and it’s going well.

I actually have a personality, which a lot of people lack when on stage or film. It’s real. A lot of my roles involve me being a lot younger then I am because I’m fun and can pull off being a little kid–but yet I’m very mature.

I can rub my belly and hop on one leg. Other than that, I’m just good at being naked .

I really love Coldplay and AWOLnation. Lady Gaga is a beast and is all over my iPod .

I highly dislike smokers–big turn off; and mean people.

I think people should be better educated about others and what makes people different .

I would like to be home and have who ever it is I’m dating, or whatever, to arrive home and not even say anything to me and just fuck the shit out of me, say nothing, and leave.

I’ve learned to never care what others think or say about me.

I don’t really watch movies that have emotional impact, (but) The Book of Elimade me realize I have to fight if I want something done.

I’m very persistent and push my way through to get things done. I know what I want and I know how to get it, and I don’t like to waste time.

The sunshine turns me on in all ways!

I’m looking forward to really discovering who I am.

(Interview by Alex Gross@SuperDPS

learn more from Tinslee Reagan on Twitter

America's First Choice in Adult Toys


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Check out our Interview with @ItsTessaLane (#LifeLessons) Special Thanks to @IKingJamesIV of “Ideal Image Management!”

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March 14, 2012 · 7:42 pm