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Terrorism in Texas

As spurious and perhaps fatuous as it may be, a new addendum to the story of the plane attack on a Dallas Tax Office has been released to the media. Maybe it’s only a fringe media story–and I claim no knowledge to its validity, but I feel apt to comment on it regardless.

As you are no doubt aware, February 18th was briefly interrupted by the breaking news of Joseph Stack’s angry joy-ride into a Texas building where IRS employees worked. He was disgruntled and driven to insanity in the previous days, causing him to outline his plan via the Interwebs and fly his little plane into the side of the complex.

I don’t think this is what our government had in mind when they said that we need to learn from the events of 9/11.

I wish we could still call them "TeaBaggers"...oh, we can? Wonderful.

(EDIT: But maybe we should be concerned. The fuck that attacked this Texas Building is, in my opinion, no better than the terrorists who attacked our buildings on September 11, 2001. It’s a leap of faith to think any different.

The Muslim Fanatics who attacked us simply had a stronger agenda and better aim.

If we find it appropriate to go after the “terrorists” who support this ideology of destruction for the will of Allah, we must also undoubtedly recognize that there is now cause for another war–a culture war–a war of rationality and intelligence.

Imagine if Joseph Stack’s attack were just the beginning. The whole anti-Obama, anti-tax, tea-party movement is a cult made of dangerous individuals who won’t take TRUTH as a rational answer. The idea of these people as a solidified ideological militant group scares the shit out of me–as much as Fundamentalist Islam–and you should be fucking worried, too.)

Now, websites are uncovering the “fact” that the FBI and Damage Control groups were on-scene and ready to address the mess before the attack even occurred.

Let me repeat that; in other words, the Federal Government knew of the attack, allowed it to happen, and claimed victory when they arrived to pick up the pieces.

This “new information” has been credited to “reliable sources,” however–when I consider the fringe/conspiracy sites responsible for the story–I can only imagine that a credible source could be anywhere from “my alcoholic neighbor” to “a dream I had last night.”

Keep in mind, these are the same people who believe that the last attempted attack (Underwear Bomber) was orchestrated by the FBI, and that 9/11 was performance art.

But on the other hand, it happens. It’s been known to happen, and there’s much to our government’s inner-workings of which Americans are unaware. We can’t take psychopaths at their word, but at the same time, we can’t automatically distrust.

We’ve reached a historical plateau at which, rather than thinking, “This man carrying a sign and raving about the End Times is batshit insane,” we find ourselves thinking, “I wonder if he knows something I don’t…”

Alex G/

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Three Movies You Just Might Have to See

alexbw1. The Informant!

Remember Matt Damon? That guy from the Borne movies whose latest opus was a song about fucking Sarah Silverman? Yeah! That one! He’s back, and he’s got a funny moustache now. In this comedy, Matt Damon plays a clueless corporate employee who is wrangled by the FBI to go undercover and reap information about his superiors’ illegal activity. I love seeing handsome serious actors play absent-minded social retards in movies.

You wouldn’t think it would be believable, but…there ya go!

2. Couples Retreat

Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn play so well together you almost forget you’re watching a movie.  MADE didn’t have the same soul that Swingers did, but they were both so charming that I can’t take one without the other. This isn’t another Jon Favreau movie, and certainly doesn’t feel like one, but the cast makes you value Favreau for everything that he is.

The trailer allows you to take a step back, take in the relationship comedy, bright exotic colors, and learn to love what is essentially a Will Ferrell movie that he was passed up for because they didn’t want it to blow.

3. Daybreakers

I guess I can appreciate that the Vampire genre is starting to be taken a little more seriously. If I were a huge Vampire fan, I’d likely be ecstatic that I can rent Twilight when I want to be a little pussy, and I can watch True Blood On Demand when I need to rub one out to fast-motion sadistic pornography.

I’m not being facetious; I really never gave a shit about Vampires in Television, Film, or Literature. To me, the draw of the Vampire story represents the subconscious need for a cheesy, dime store Romance novel  combined with the excitement of watching a woman bleed to death.

So, I recognize the need to romanticize the undead. You can’t exactly do that with a Zombie…or a Werewolf, really…but Twilight: New Moon is taking a stab at beastiality.

Daybreakers is set in a world where almost everyone is a Vampire, and the few humans left must either fight or survival or be harvested for blood. It’s pretty high concept, but it looks pretty fucking cool.

Essentially, a similar story to True Blood without the epic nerd boner you get from seeing Rogue’s funbags.

Alex G

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