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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 111: Love and Elevator Music with A.G. Fernandez

Hip Hop artist, A.G. Fernandez, joins us in the studio once again to discuss all of the top stories from Ray Rice’s elevator assault to Iggy Azalea’s non-existent sex tape. We listen to the top hits on the Billboard charts, play a special music edition of the Rotten Tomatoes Game, and Dan tells an embarrassing story about his trip to the gas station. Check out “The Formative Years”, the new EP from A.G. Fernandez on iTUNES! #TalkingNerdy



or on

iTUNES         ///          STITCHER RADIO

and snag the NEW EP The Formative Years by A.G. Fernandez below!

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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 110: Fappenheit Nine-One with Brandi Lukas

Brandi Lukas, founder of Olio.fm and host of the ‘Going to Hell’ podcast, joins us in studio to talk about the unfathomable events of September 1, 2014, otherwise known as: The Fappening. We get into some further news and wrap up the show with a Charlie Sheen edition of The Rotten Tomatoes game!



or on

iTUNES          //          STITCHER

For more from our guest, BRANDI LUKAS, check out the GOING TO HELL podcast!

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Talking Nerdy LIVE at the 2014 Philly Podcast Festival!

Join Alex Gross, Dan McGlynn, Charlie Lightning, David Grow and Joe Zakrzewski for an evening of fun and games at the 2014 Philadelphia Podcast Festival Sunday, August 24th at 3PM!

As part of the event, Talking Nerdy will be putting on an hour-long live event including some of our favorite stories, audience discussion, and a visit from Special Guests Dan Scully and Garrett Smith from the I Like to Movie Movie show! For more information and details on the event’s festivities, Follow @NerdyPodcast on Twitter and Instagram!

Also, for information on other shows featured during the festival, visit the Official Site!


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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 77: The Wheel of Pain

With news, pop culture and more…This is the beginning of our New Years integration of the WHEEL OF PAIN! Video is integrated with this podcast, so LIKE us on Facebook! The Golden Globes were harsh and now it’s time to pay the piper. Thank you all for listening to this soundboard-heavy episode of TALKING NERDY!!!


Download the latest episode HERE or on iTUNES!!

*And check out this week’s video installment below!*

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Talking Nerdy Episode 75: Creepy Overweight Spider-Man

It’s this week’s Talking Nerdy News in the News, followed by the appearance of the Wheel of Pain! We talk about Marvel’s Ant Man and the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. We discuss the trend in shaming magazines for Photoshopping models, and Creepy Overweight Spider-Man gets to kiss Mary Jane. It’s an action-packed pre-Christmas party with sports, games, laughs and nerditude. Thanks for listening! Merry Christmas!


Download HERE or on iTUNES! Subscribe to our Podcast and Rate Us!

Follow us: @SuperDPS, @Dan_SuperDPS, @CVLwolf, @SuperDPSdave

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Talking Nerdy Episode 68: Carbon Fiber Maker Machines

This week’s episode settles once and for all if it’s possible to make Micro Machines out of carbon fiber. We also talk a bit of news, pop culture and start stage one of development for “DanCat” the Musical.


Download this week’s episode HERE or on iTUNES!!!

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Talking Nerdy Ep. 55, “Anthony Weenis’ Weiner”

In this ill-prepared show, we discuss a range of topics and things get a little serious…but no worries. We talk Anthony Weiner and the business of politics. Charlie Lightning does Lightning Round and we yell things and whisper things. You all know how this goes. Go get your tickets to our live show 8PM, August 2nd at PhilaMOCA!! www.PhillyPodFest.com


Download HERE or on iTUNES!

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Talking Nerdy Ep. 51: Two Dead Monkeys

Scientists say we’re growing ever closer to human head transplants. We say, we’re closer to two dead monkeys. This week’s episode celebrates our Independence Day by talking nonsense, and repeatedly talking over each other–as is American custom.

twodeadDownload HERE or on iTUNES!

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TALKING NERDY LIVE @ The Philly Podcast Festival, AUG. 2nd 2013–7PM

Join TALKING NERDY for our first ever LIVE podcast event! And boy-howdy-murphy do we have a show for you! Jeez-louise!


COP YOUR TICKETS HERE! $12 for our shows, $18 for the block featuring:
PodCheese, TALKING NERDY, Stark Raven Mad, & Trailer Trash
Our special guests for this geek-venture will be:
Comedian Ryan Shaner
Alt. Adult Model and Dancer Scarlett Storm
and Pop Culture/Porn Entrepreneurs PopPorn.com!

The first annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival seeks to entertain and educate using the digital medium of podcasting. The Festival showcases twelve of Philadelphia’s premier podcasts during three nights of live episode recordings. A daytime workshop and panel discussion will detail the benefits and uses of independent media, explain “What the heck is podcasting?” and give participants the opportunity to talk with experts in the field.


Participating podcasts include Storyshuffle, Talkadelphia, Sex with Timaree, Talking Nerdy, The Pincushion, Potent Brew, Rep Radio, Gettin’ Close, Podcheese, Comedy Food Sports, Trailer Trash, and Stark Raven Mad.
Geekadelphia’s Jo Pincushion will host the workshop and panel discussion.

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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 48 “E3 Like Sunday Mornin”

In this week’s episode, Alex, Dan and Charlie discuss recent revelations about upcoming consoles and games from the E3 conference. We go over some Star Wars Episode VII rumors and blow right through naptime with some Arrested Development spoilers. Thanks for listening!

EP48Download HERE or on iTunes

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