There could be a million explanations for this, and I can only speculate on most of it, but if we can all be adults for a moment, we can lay down some ground rules…Rule number 1: Don’t dress your child in anything that even resembles anything related to PENN STATE. Rule number 2: See Rule Number One!!


Photographs are an amazing phenomenon. They tell us a healthy about the subject of the portrait…and sometimes, inadvertently, much more about someone else.


We all have our weird hobbies, and, for some, those include standing on a Boston street corner pretending to be a coin-operated dancer for tourists and passersby. Once upon a time, a kid stayed inside his room in Boston all the time, not doing this, and he created Facebook and now he wipes his ass with hundreds.


The after-after-after hours Brooklyn-bound train tends to be much more relaxed than any other time of day. It’s a nice break from the clusterfuck of New York; like nap time for grown ups.


OK, Chinese Take-Out place, you’ve gone too far.


While Mr. Right had been an image of spirit and optimism, Mr. All-Night seemed to have slipped into troubled times and was never to be seen again.


This is the Gestation period of the “Awesome Dad.” Get on it, ladies.


Street musicians are stuck in a time capsule; playing their brass from a forgotten age when people still wore Fanny Packs and believed in Jesus.


We all live for those precious moments when life combines art and rock n’roll into one cosmic portrait of youth.


It takes method actors years to hone the craft of really “becoming” the character. It takes this guy two minutes and a pair of sweet kicks, and almost instantly, he’s a movie star.

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