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Talking Nerdy, Episode 85: Where in the World in Carlos Lightning?

In this episode we discuss the feminist debate over Barbie dolls, create solutions for bullying, listen to Bill O’Reilly bitch about Beyonce and Chelsea Handler shut out Piers Morgan. It’s an action-packed episode that will have the world asking: Where in the World is Charlie Lightning?


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Talking Nerdy, Episode 76: 2014 Grammy Shammy Sham

It’s the first podcast of the 2014 New Year! New Theme song, new chairs, new calendar and missing one Charlie Lightning…We go over some of our favorites and least favorites of the year 2013, play Iron Sheik Real or Jabroni, and set up the Year of the Wheel of Pain! Bets are cast for the upcoming GOLDEN GLOBE Awards and the loser shall be punished–so stay tuned!


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Talking Nerdy Episode 75: Creepy Overweight Spider-Man

It’s this week’s Talking Nerdy News in the News, followed by the appearance of the Wheel of Pain! We talk about Marvel’s Ant Man and the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. We discuss the trend in shaming magazines for Photoshopping models, and Creepy Overweight Spider-Man gets to kiss Mary Jane. It’s an action-packed pre-Christmas party with sports, games, laughs and nerditude. Thanks for listening! Merry Christmas!


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Talking Nerdy Episode 73: Shit Wonder Woman Says

In this week’s episode, we say goodbye to Paul Walker and discuss the brand new revelations regarding the Man of Steel sequel and Amazing Spider-man franchise. We play “Who Twote That Tweet?”, “Real or Jabroni?”, and discuss practical changes that need to be made in public restrooms.


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Talking Nerdy Episode 72: The DOC Holiday Special

We celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who and discuss the evolution of nerd culture. Walking Dead gears up for a gritty mid-season finale and Thanksgiving gears up for a drunk clusterfuck of embarrassment! It’s a lot of fun this episode, with no sports but two games: Who Twote That Tweet and Iron Sheik Real or Jabroni! This extra-long, extra-special episode is dressed to impress!


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Talking Nerdy Episode 71: Guns, Tweets and Jabronis

After a bit of confusion about whether or not NYC is colder than Philadelphia, we get into Video Game VS Real Life Violence, Undersexed Americans, Walking Dead and more! We also play a round of “WHO TWOTE THAT TWEET?” and “REAL or JABRONI”!


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Talking Nerdy Episode 68: Carbon Fiber Maker Machines

This week’s episode settles once and for all if it’s possible to make Micro Machines out of carbon fiber. We also talk a bit of news, pop culture and start stage one of development for “DanCat” the Musical.


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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 66: The Shitty Episode

In this week’s episode, we discuss the now-somewhat-functional GTA Online, Weird News from Huffington Post, and we plan out the most flamboyant and wonderful experiment in physical and mental endurance: The often spoken of, but never attempted infamous Papa John’s Poop-Off. Also, Richard Harrow stops by again.

Ep_66_TheShittyEpisodeDownload HERE or on iTUNES!

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Popular casino games to play online

If there is one thing that has changed the way we look at the world it would be the internet, it has allowed us to connect to people all over the world and share anything we want with them. Any kind of film, music or writing is available to you from a simple search. Websites such as Reddit show this in its best light as they allow people to post links to things spread around the internet, you then vote to say if that is interesting, creative or fun. The ones with the most votes then get to the front page of the site, this changes all the time so there are new things to explore. Games are often what people go online for and these days actual browser games have become so impressive, with many different genres being represented.

Casino games however are by far the most popular type of browser game there is, these sites allow you to play from hundreds of different games that are based on what you would find in a real casino. There is such a large number of games you might wonder where you should start when you first start playing, however there are some classics that are very popular with everyone who plays casino games. These games include the likes of Roulette and Poker, Blackjack is another big favourite because of the simplicity of the game. All you have to do is draw cards until you are as close to or on 21 as you can be, when you get your starting hand you bet on if you think you will do well or not at drawing cards then you have to play against what the dealer has. Play online casino games from the comfort of your home at Other simple games include slot games such as Marvel slots, which is a great 5 reel slots game based on the Marvel comics universe.

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Talking Nerdy Ep. 65, Bane People Problems with Special Guest Lynsie Lee

In this, our milestone 65th episode, we get the opportunity to speak with Portland’s own Lynsie Lee about the Breaking Bad finale, stripping in a vegan club, and the mini-media frenzy surrounding New Jersey’s Cory Booker. We also hear from Richard Harrow, discuss Grand Theft Auto 5 some more, and break Charlie Lightning. Let the games begin!

Ep_65Download HERE or on iTUNES!!

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