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Popular casino games to play online

If there is one thing that has changed the way we look at the world it would be the internet, it has allowed us to connect to people all over the world and share anything we want with them. Any kind of film, music or writing is available to you from a simple search. Websites such as Reddit show this in its best light as they allow people to post links to things spread around the internet, you then vote to say if that is interesting, creative or fun. The ones with the most votes then get to the front page of the site, this changes all the time so there are new things to explore. Games are often what people go online for and these days actual browser games have become so impressive, with many different genres being represented.

Casino games however are by far the most popular type of browser game there is, these sites allow you to play from hundreds of different games that are based on what you would find in a real casino. There is such a large number of games you might wonder where you should start when you first start playing, however there are some classics that are very popular with everyone who plays casino games. These games include the likes of Roulette and Poker, Blackjack is another big favourite because of the simplicity of the game. All you have to do is draw cards until you are as close to or on 21 as you can be, when you get your starting hand you bet on if you think you will do well or not at drawing cards then you have to play against what the dealer has. Play online casino games from the comfort of your home at Other simple games include slot games such as Marvel slots, which is a great 5 reel slots game based on the Marvel comics universe.

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Talking Nerdy Ep. 65, Bane People Problems with Special Guest Lynsie Lee

In this, our milestone 65th episode, we get the opportunity to speak with Portland’s own Lynsie Lee about the Breaking Bad finale, stripping in a vegan club, and the mini-media frenzy surrounding New Jersey’s Cory Booker. We also hear from Richard Harrow, discuss Grand Theft Auto 5 some more, and break Charlie Lightning. Let the games begin!

Ep_65Download HERE or on iTUNES!!

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The Talking Nerdy Boyz are joined live at PhilaMOCA for the Philadelphia Podcast Festival by Fetish Model Scarlett Storm and Comedian Extraordinaire Ryan Shaner! Our discussion of geek culture is rapidly derailed and turned into a discussion about porn and dirty things. We play the Celeb Game and give away prizes! Check out all of the other great shows from PhillyPodFest, too!

talkingderdyDownload HERE or on iTUNES!

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Talking Nerdy Ep. 55, “Anthony Weenis’ Weiner”

In this ill-prepared show, we discuss a range of topics and things get a little serious…but no worries. We talk Anthony Weiner and the business of politics. Charlie Lightning does Lightning Round and we yell things and whisper things. You all know how this goes. Go get your tickets to our live show 8PM, August 2nd at PhilaMOCA!!


Download HERE or on iTUNES!

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TALKING NERDY LIVE @ The Philly Podcast Festival, AUG. 2nd 2013–7PM

Join TALKING NERDY for our first ever LIVE podcast event! And boy-howdy-murphy do we have a show for you! Jeez-louise!


COP YOUR TICKETS HERE! $12 for our shows, $18 for the block featuring:
PodCheese, TALKING NERDY, Stark Raven Mad, & Trailer Trash
Our special guests for this geek-venture will be:
Comedian Ryan Shaner
Alt. Adult Model and Dancer Scarlett Storm
and Pop Culture/Porn Entrepreneurs!

The first annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival seeks to entertain and educate using the digital medium of podcasting. The Festival showcases twelve of Philadelphia’s premier podcasts during three nights of live episode recordings. A daytime workshop and panel discussion will detail the benefits and uses of independent media, explain “What the heck is podcasting?” and give participants the opportunity to talk with experts in the field.


Participating podcasts include Storyshuffle, Talkadelphia, Sex with Timaree, Talking Nerdy, The Pincushion, Potent Brew, Rep Radio, Gettin’ Close, Podcheese, Comedy Food Sports, Trailer Trash, and Stark Raven Mad.
Geekadelphia’s Jo Pincushion will host the workshop and panel discussion.

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While hosting karaoke at Friday’s, this happened

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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 44 “Tap Tap for the Quick Attack”

News, movies, video games and comic books in this episode of Talking Nerdy! We also place bets on when Dan’s heart will explode and Charlie Lightning visits the future! Exciting show!

Check it out here or on iTunes!


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Winter Soldier, Meet the Falcon

Set for a release date of April 4, 2014, Captain America: The Winter Soldier will serve as a follow up to The Avengers, following Steve Rogers’ story after the events in New York City. Comic book fans know who The Winter Soldier is, but for those of you who are curious…(Possible Spoilers)


Bucky Barnes, Captain America’s best friend and “sidekick” was thought to have died in the accident that also ended with Steve Rogers being frozen in time. In fact, Bucky got his shit pushed in, but remained alive. He was given a replacement robotic arm and a new memory by the Soviets for Department X, and became…(drum roll) The Winter Soldier. His next assignment was assassination jobs which turned out to be pretty grisly…such as when he launches a terrorist attack in Philadelphia killing hundreds of people.

You’d think these acts would be unforgivable, but keep in mind that the Soldier doesn’t know who he is. There are many stories about The Winter Soldier including him being romantically connected to the Black Widow; however, the plot with the most impact may be in Marvel’s Civil War.

In Civil War, the Soldier has retained his memory as Bucky, but retains the memories of all the atrocities he’s committed. When Steve Rogers is killed, it’s Bucky who takes up the mantle of the Cap. But, it’s not likely this plot point will be brought to film.

So let’s get into it, already! What can we expect from the next chapter in the Captain America story?

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Falcon! The first black superhero in mainstream comic books will be brought to life by Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker) and looks pretty bad-ass…even without the giant silly wings. Falcon is set to be Captain America’s partner in ass-kickery, and if Winter Soldier is going to be as killer as he should be, Cap is going to need all the help he can get.


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Jesus Christ, Amanda Bynes

Jesus Christ, Amanda Bynes


I’m not a fan of paparazzi and getting into celebrities’ business or hassling them on the street. I do, however, fully support swift and immediate scrutinization when they create their own controversies just for attention. #AmandaPlease

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May 1, 2013 · 11:49 pm

Talking Nerdy, Ep. 43 “Nonstop Ditto F*cking”

In this week’s episode…2013 movies, pokemon, sports and more in this premiere episode of Talking Nerdy! The new and renewed episode! First episode since the name switch and we talk more nerdy than ever…almost. Check it, dorks. LISTEN HERE or on iTUNES!


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