Center City Comedy presents BONERoo at Mad River

The process of the stand-up comedian is a ceaselessly interesting one. You can see this process illustrated beautifully in documentaries such as I Am Comic, or you could check out Center City Comedy’s crack-squad of ever-changing and evolving comedians during their weekly goof-a-bouts. As I’m sure I’ve elaborated on before, Center City Comedy hosts weekly shows at the Raven Lounge (1718 Sansom St., Philly) every Thursday evening, and every first Wednesday of the month at Mad River in Manayunk (4100 Main Street., Philly).

While seeing some of the same comedians perform their acts multiple times wouldn’t seem, on the surface, to be an enjoyable experience, these passionate performers are constantly growing and developing their acts to the point that even the familiar routines are bursting with new energy. The up-and-coming comics performing with Center City Comedy are among the bravest and most daring I’ve seen, and they’re only getting better. So, once again, here are some featured performances from the BONERoo line up on 7/6/11 at Mad River.

Tom Cassidy

Tim Butterly

Reggie Conquest

Paul Goodman

H. Foley

Jack Martin

Shawn J. Jackson

Alex Grubard

Chris Cotton

Doogie Horner

(Center City Comedy videos shot by Alex Gross (@SuperDPS) of

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