An Open Letter to the Gay Community

alexbwDear Sirs, Madams, and those elusive Sir/Madams,

While I must admit that a majority of my knowledge about Gay Issues comes from movies (no, not those kind of movies) and various friends, associates, and those I’ve met throughout my scholastic and professional career. I’m not gay, nor have I ever had a homosexual experience…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I must also further clarify that I am fully aware of the various niches within this culture which I don’t intend to elaborate on…suffice it to say that whenever I use the word “Gay,” I am referring to all gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans-genders, queens, mermaids, unicorns, and any other sub-genre you may consider.

While I am aware that it may seem ignorant of me to lump them all into one group, but I must assure you I am aware of all/most of the classifications of your exclusive club, I simply don’t feel it necessary to be all-inclusive when discussing a matter that specifically effects homosexual discrimination.

Whew…sorry about that tangent. I’ll try to stay on track now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are in the midst of a culture war that is not simply going to fade away. While your rights (specifically to marriage) are slowly making their way to the forefront, there is a world of discrimination that is not simply going to go gently into the night.

It is your responsibility, your absolute prerogative, to make your presence known.

Like the Gay Movement, the Atheist Movement has adopted the initiative of “Coming Out” of the proverbial closet. In order to achieve the respect and social recognition that pseudo-“fringe” groups deserve, there is no other option but to lose the fear of being “found out.”

While it may seem like a small step, change your Facebook information to reflect that you have a boyfriend or girlfriend or that you’re interested in the same sex. This may seem like a meaningless detail, but it serves to create a familiarity.

“Oh, I didn’t know this friend/co-worker/person I never met was gay!”

It’s arguable that these so-called “friends” don’t deserve the sense of self-satisfaction that comes with being the equivalent of a white Suburban kid saying “I can’t be racist, I know a black guy,” but let them have this one.

It will help you in the long-run.

Because even if it may be a backward way of gaining hypothetical respect, it will work in your favor when the time comes to rally those you know to stand up for your rights.

Maybe you’d do well to help your more flamboyant friends take it down a notch. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being secure and happy and screaming it to the world, but in polite society, when we’re all just trying to go about our day, when it comes down to it: a douchebag is still a douchebag. Gay or Straight.

Shut out discussion and debate. You don’t need to have it.

Your issue is not on the same level as drugs, abortion, and prostitution. There are only two sides: Rational and Fucktarded.

There should be no distinction between Gay Marriage and Traditional Marriage. It’s Marriage. Plain and simple.

You would be better off, and certainly justified to simply frolic away from your bigoted associates…preferably while shouting some sort of sexually derisive insult.

You should not pretend that the debate doesn’t exist. And you should never take for granted that there are intolerantly evil-minded people in the world who seek to destroy you. But don’t let that hold you back.

Your time will come again, and next time, you need to fight to keep it. Don’t assume that the next time you’re given equal rights, your friendly neighborhood Government won’t strip them away again.

Do yourselves a major favor and lose your religion. When you fight on the side of a “God that Loves You for Who You Are,” you’re not proving your case any better than those who say “God Hates Fags.”

But you are better.

You just need to realize that your “Holy Book” is not on your side. Ditch it, and ignore arguments that stem from religion.

Who am I to issue suggestions and demands of the Gay Community? No one.

I’m just a guy who gives a shit and wants to see you succeed (bad choice of words).

Feel free to send me your comments and tell me why I’m wrong, but I claim no expertise on these matters.

Just…please accept that Chris Crocker is annoying.

Oh, and stop watching A&E and TLC for fuck’s sake. Christ…


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One response to “An Open Letter to the Gay Community

  1. Brian

    Dude I am gay and I agree with you 100%.

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