Y100 Rocks! (and Y Preston and Steve do NOT)

davebwOkay, I’m fully ready to disclose a few things here. First, there are those among the SuperDudes who absolutely don’t agree with this at ALL. That’s okay. They can write whatever they’d like. Also, I used to listen to Preston and Steve too, and I thought they were awesome and hilarious when i was 15

So today I’m going to talk about WHY I don’t really like Preston and Steve, and why they’re absolutely no different than any other large-market, drive time, semi-shock jocks.

First, I’m going to repeat some comments others have posted on a blog entry I just found called Kidd Chris vs Preston and Steve.

Preston & Steve are my saviours in the morning. Not only are they funny (Steve is hilarious!), but they’re the nicest people when you meet them up close and personal.

I think they rock! – A comment from a fan, honest and admiring

“steve is probably the least funny guy alive and people who find him funny have an even worse sense of humor. i’m not a kidd chris fan but preston and steve are seriously some of the lamest radio ever, talk about douchebags. and that marbles bit makes no sense. LOL WE’RE SO LOCAL. BLUE ROUTE GUYS ROFL LULZZZZZZZZ” – My thoughts exactly!

So I really just had to post that because the second one is pretty much how I feel, and apparently I’m not the only one. So why do I not like their show? Let’s see….

You Guys ROCK!– This seems to be A) The only thing you need to say to get yourself on the radio and B) The ONLY thing that will get you on the radio. There is a lot of talk on the internets about how heavily screened their callers are. I can’t really blame them for screening, but sometimes you gotta roll with the punches and let a weirdo on. It’s not like the shows going to go downhill too much.

Gadzooks! Kinda like those bumper stickers that…Opie and Anthony used to have…kinda…exactly like them. That’s alright. At least their contests are….ripped off Howard Sterns…umm….Lou from the earlier mentioned blog says:

P&S have to be the worst radio show in the morning….steve’s jokes are NOT FUNNY!!! all of their games 4 prizes BEEN DONE by HOWARD STERN…they even stole stuff from barsky…their thieves..at least KIDD CHRIS has an affiliation with STERN!!!!! and his cast have the best material (crank calls by the CREAM TEAM AND EAST COAST BOB CRUSH anything P&S ever done!!!

I guess I can’t really bitch about that TOO much. There are really only SO many radio-friendly games out there. I just don’t like how their show isn’t nearly as unique and special as they and their fans make it out to be.

I HATE STEVEN SINGER!– But I bet Steven REALLY hates Marissa, the Assistant Producer. Read THIS! What a tool bag. (BTW those two bars are like a block away from each other…)

Y100 is Dead– See, y100 was the last major radio station that wasn’t owned by one of those big conglomerates (the kind we’d gladly accept a multimillion dollar buyout from, if you’re reading this ClearChannel!). So for a long time, y100 used to play Alternative Rock, 90’s rock…that sorta thing. And all was good. These were the days when Preston and Steve really made it big. y100 goes to ALL ROCK ALL THE TIME (which was really just ALL CREED ALL THE TIME) and eventually got bought out by one of the big boys. Legal issues, blah blah blah, someone managed to convince Preston and Steve that the entire city wanted to eat their asses. They still believe this, and if you listen for a few days, it really shows. These guys “know” that they’re really hot shit. So I really don’t know if the show got worse, or if I just stopped listening to that sorta shit. It’s probably both.

Now, these guys DO have a bunch of events that really help people out, like the Campout for Hunger (although it’s honestly not much of a campout when you get to live in a fully stocked RV for a week in a parking lot…). And I can’t argue with the fact that SOMEONE (well, alot of SOMEONEs) listens to em. So I guess it’s really just my own problem. So I can SUCK IT! I’ll end with a final quote, from Urban Dictionary:

preston and steve 703 up, 432 down love ithate it
Lame morning radio show in philadelphia. Unfortunately, due to having no competition in the last few years, penis and obese were able to brainwash the simple minds of philadelphia into believing that they are funny. One could simply turn their dial to 94.1 and listen to Kidd Chris where they would find ample amounts of radio “gold” that would make them realize how lame Preston and Steve really are.
I was on the blue route, but the signs were brown and green”, “You should shorten your name to Prest”, “I love mars bars and mixing mayo and ketchup” Preston and steve suck.



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4 responses to “Y100 Rocks! (and Y Preston and Steve do NOT)

  1. Thanks for the link, man. I must say that Kidd Chris really did provide a valid alternative in teh mornings, provided he kept the idiot racist callers off. Unfortunately, he couldn’t reign them in, as some of them didn’t realize that they were the ones being made fun of in the end, not the groups they were insulting.

    Oh well, at least there’s always Bonaduce!!! Uh, wow. What a competition. May as well just podcast.

  2. If you don’t like Preston & Steve then it probably has something to do with the fact that you are a failed communications/broadcast degree student, who is bitter that someone is funnier and is more successful than he is in the radio industry!

    Preston & Steve OWN you!! LOL!!!!!

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